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Service Near Me for Business VoIP Phone System Installation & Setup

UKPMS can set up and maintain small and large business telephone systems and PBX servers.

We can set up a phone system for you, no matter how many users you have. Visual voicemail, cell phone forwarding and call recording are just a few of the many benefits you can enjoy. If you have any questions, our Business VoIP phone system experts near you can help.

Our VoIP installation service near you is a great choice. What are you waiting for?

UKPMS are solid options and can often be competitive in price. Scaling is the problem. The costs of scaling up from one user to three, from three to twenty-five and from twenty-five to 1,000 users, increase and so on.

Many systems charge per extension. Although it sounds great, if you have 15 extensions, that can quickly add up to £20 per month. As your business grows, you will need to add small fees such as call recording charges and voicemail charges. Your phone bill could quickly rise to £500 per month. You are crazy! It's so scary!

We can help you set up a system that works for you right now and allows you to grow your business without having your bills go crazy.

Local PBX Services Near you

Specialized solutions are often sold by companies that will sell you solutions even if they do not work for you. We do not sell PBX systems or cloud phone systems, providers. We offer the service of setting up the best PBX system for your needs, no matter what they may be.

Some businesses find it more practical to use a cloud-based phone system. Others may prefer a local phone system. We do not have any bias towards any setup because we aren't a software or hardware vendor. We will discuss the pros and cons of each option and offer suggestions on which one is best for you.

Phone System Repair & Upgrades Near You  - VoIP Specialist

PBX Leasing Near Me

Phone system companies near you often lease phones and charge per feature. While it makes sense to lease an automobile for £60,000 at £300-£500/month; it is not practical to lease a £65 phone at £20/month. We continually come across contracts that lease ten-year-old, outdated SIP phones for less than the monthly leasing bill. This can end up costing hundreds of pounds per annum – per phone! We will go over the features of the phones and how they can be used in real life and let you choose the one that suits you best. You own it once you get it!

Commercial Phone System Installation Company near You

Most basic features will be free if you have a local PBX setup. You do not have to pay per feature when you pay to set up a local PBX.

UKPMS is a top-rated commercial phone system installer near you since 2018. You can count on UKPMS for all your VoIP phone system maintenance, installation, and network cabling needs.

We can help you with telephone system repairs for your existing system or VoIP phone system installation for advanced features, internet solutions, and powerful capabilities to keep your business current with the latest technology.

Upgrade your phone system
Our company is a well-oiled, lean machine that can be passed on to customers at a low cost. We will beat any competitor, bar none!
The Best VoIP Service Near You
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Save 60% on your Phone Bill today.
UKPMS VoIP Services will give you peace of mind, productivity, and money savings. VoIP Services for businesses can help you save up to 60% on your phone bills. Our team has extensive experience in helping leaders optimize their business operations. For a FREE IT audit, we will review your communications strategy and recommend the best VoIP solutions. We have the experience and tools to help your company succeed.

VoIP Support & Repair near You

Unreliable phones, functionality or services are not something you can afford. UKPMS, a leading provider of support and maintenance for business phones, is an expert in telecom technology from the 1970s to the latest cutting-edge VoIP technology.

We can repair all aspects of your phone system, from phones to cabling to features and functionality to connections. This will ensure productivity is maintained and calls get through.

VoIP system service and maintenance in your area

All-inclusive and ongoing* All labour and parts are covered for repairs

* Remote system programming changes are free

* Preventative Maintenance

* Unlimited technical support

* Unlimited on-site repairs

* Replacement of defective hardware

* System backups, both local and off-site

Service for legacy (digital, analogy) systems near you

* Unlimited on-site repairs

* Covered repairs include all parts and labour

* Unlimited phone support

* Unlimited remote programming (depending upon whether the system supports it)

* Unlimited technical support

* Replacement of defective hardware.

The UK's Most Trusted Phone System Repair

Cloud-based business telephone systems in your area will revolutionize how businesses communicate with one another and their customers. While the UK is the hub of commerce, your customers can be found all over the world. Although major storms such as Hurricane Sandy are rare, power can go out in some cities, even the largest ones in the United Kingdom. Do you want your company to be affected by such a disaster? UKPMS offers reliable VoIP services that allow you to route your calls even when the power goes out. Your messages will still go forward with reliable VoIP services.

Businesses Phones in Your Area

UKPMS provides VoIP calling for business phone lines near you. However, the platform offers much more. UKPMS integrates seamlessly with your existing business software to provide phone and video conferencing services. Access your services using the phones, tablets, and computers you already own, as well as any desk phones.

Who We Are and What We Do?

  • Local Service
  • Local Support
  • Installation at the Local Level
  • Highly skilled staff

UKPMS has exceeded the expectations of UK business owners. Our experience is evident in every system design and installation that we make.

Our services include Phone Systems, Cabling and Wi-Fi, Paging Systems, Music Systems, Door Entry Systems and Paging Systems. We are ex-BT/Virgin Installers and can provide our services to businesses, schools, homes, senior communities, and other organizations.

Call our Phone System Installation near me service to find the best business phone system installation company. We offer top-quality business communications systems throughout the UK.

Phone System Upgrades in Your Area

UPMS offers both traditional and cloud-based business communication systems. We can replace your old, broken-down phone system and provide the technology you need to take your business to the next level.

Locally owned and operated, we offer on-site service and support. Our experience and a team of highly trained, certified, and experienced technicians will bring our expertise to your site. They can help you integrate and simplify your business communications, data, and networking technology. We also provide ongoing support that will help you gain a competitive advantage, increase your efficiency, maximize your profits, and ensure your continued success.

We have a wide range of high-quality phone carriers that allow us to offer and implement telecom solutions that meet all your needs.

We provide complete installation services for all types of business communication systems.

What is included:

We offer a free consultation on-site to assess your needs and create the perfect solution fully.

We offer training on-site for all systems that we install so that your staff is familiar with the operation of the new hardware.

We offer warranties on the systems that we install and financing options for those who meet certain criteria.

Get live support 24/7/365 at No additional charge, and we provide English-speaking tech support agents in the UK to help you resolve any problem quickly.

  • Plus, international calls are free!
  • International calls can be expensive, so we give them away for free!
  • Your System Your Way Packages are customized to meet your communication needs.

Are you having problems with your phone system? UKPMS offers both traditional and cloud-based business communication systems. We can help you replace your old, broken-down phone system with technology that will meet all of your business requirements and take you to new heights.

Phone System Repair & Upgrades Near You  - VoIP Specialist

Phone Support Near You

You will always be connected with our 24/7 support and update. We also offer daily backups. Employees will have access to world-class engineering and cutting-edge technology that empowers them for maximum productivity. Employees will engage more, and customer inquiries will also be handled professionally.

Imagine a customer calling your business, and the phone is down. Small and medium-sized businesses, regardless of size, need best-in-class customer service. You can improve the customer experience and employees with VoIP telephone solutions and take your business to new heights.

VoIP Solutions offer many benefits.

You can make calls from anywhere, and the call will still be received as though you were calling your office.

  • Free voice mail, auto-attendant, call processing and automatic call distribution.
  • You can replace your fax machine with an e-Fax to save money and disconnect the fax line.
  • Even during high traffic times like holidays or tax season, one price.
  • You can record phone calls to track employee activity.
  • Answer your calls remotely from anywhere, anytime.

As businesses shift to a digital workspace, VoIP systems are becoming more popular. They are more cost-effective, efficient and offer better sound quality.

VoIP phones also offer greater functionality than standard phone lines. Both clients and businesses are changing. Many business owners need to be always accessible and anywhere. VoIP phones do this by redirecting calls to your mobile phone when you are connected to an internet connection.

A VoIP Solution allows you to grow your business by adopting a single communication system. This solution is ideal for companies with multiple offices or employees who work remotely. All members of the team can be connected to one system.

Unified communication systems can improve your company's image and productivity as well as enhance customer experience.

VoIP phone systems allow communication within and outside of the office. It's the perfect complement for remote work operations.