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Pest Infestation

The issue with pest infestation is the way that they may take root in your house until you detect them, after that, it is slightly tricky to eliminate them. In instances such as these, you have to call for our pest control solutions who understand how to take care of pests permanently.

UKPMS Pest Control

UKPMS Pest Control's team of technicians are proficient, friendly and possess years of expertise in regards to tackling uninvited guests of all sizes and shapes. We realise how important it is that you feel comfortable at your house. Therefore we endeavour to handle each situation as promptly as possible. We also supply aftercare to be sure the solution stays a permanent one.

We know that if it is in the prior, our clients need to return to normal as fast as you can and, when it is in the latter, then the company may be losing money because of the insect's actions. That is why we provide same-day call-out support for emergency or unusually severe circumstances.

Pest Control Solutions Across The UK

We have a large network of qualified pest control technicians all across the UK. It does not matter if you are in London, Birmingham, Leicester or even Scotland. UK Property Maintenance Services will be able to get you a local pest control within 30 minutes. We pride ourself on our low-cost super fast pest control solution. if you have a wasps nest or mice we can visit and exterminate them safely and swiftly.

24/7 Expert Pest Control

Our friendly, knowledgeable pest control solutions can help you with any of the following.  Along with many other services not listed:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Wasps
  • Ants
  • Birds
  • Spiders
  • Fleas
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Woodworm
Helpful Tip /Tricks For removal Of Pests

Below you will find some simple pest control solutions. You can reduce the chances of pests returning to your home or business by following a few simple but effective pest prevention measures.

We offer a compleat Property Maintenance solution. We have a large network of local builders, plumbers and more.

Whether you need a plumber because your taps are leaking or an electrition to help with rewiring a house. Our local tradespeople are on hand 24H a day 7 days a weak. UK Property Maintenance Services can help businesses and homeowners home maintenance in order. If you are faced with a lockout situation we can have a local locksmith with you in around 20-30 minutes. We can even provide a compleat pest control solution. If you have mice, rat, wasp or any other type of pest let or team eradicate them once and for all. Contact us today!

Contact UK Property Maintenance Services

Emergency Plumbers
We have Local 24H plumbers! If you are in need of an emergency plumber let us solve your issues efficiently and swiftly.
Emergency Locksmiths
Are you locked out? do you need a 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith? Let us help, We can arrange a local locksmith in around 20 min.
Heating & Plumbing Solutions
We have a range of plumbing and heating solutions including boiler repairs, boiler installations, leaky taps and more.
Emergency Electricians
Our local emergency electricians are on call 24/7 365 days a year. If you need a reliable sparky let us help with our network of qualified electricians.
Pest Control
Do you have a pest control issue? Our UK pest control solutions are on hand to exterminate any pest safely and discreetly.
Appliance Installations
We are on hand with our appliance installation service. And cover the whole UK and your work will be carried out by only qualified local tradespeople.

How Do I Eliminate Ants?


Ants come into our homes and offices to discover items that they could consume, primarily things that are sweet or tacky.
The most frequent species are the black and garden ant, but you could also locate infestations of flying ants and even tropical pharaoh ants in the united kingdom.

It is vital to ascertain the specific species before attempting to eliminate them since they have distinct colony systems. Sometimes, when a colony is scattered, they could reconstruct it quite fast, possibly providing you with a more substantial problem than you’d initially had.

How do I eliminate ants?

The best way to boost your chance of removing ants:

  • Seal food containers
  • Do not leave open packets in cabinets
  • Clean up leaks and spillages when you can
  • Pay particular attention to wash beneath
  • stoves and fridges
  • Clear off pet bowls

UKPMS offers cost-effective pest control solutions across the United Kingdom. Should you require help to eliminate ants, CLICK HERE.

Mice Elimination


There are two sorts of mouse that are generally found inhabiting a house: the mild brown field mouse along with also the smaller brown or grey mouse. Both species are of a size that permits them to enter walls, through little holes and about the home without necessarily being viewed by occupants.

But since they have diseases, they will need to be eliminated at the earliest convenience after an infestation is found.

Additionally, it is essential to find the reason or point of entrance for the infestation to be able to stop it from occurring again. Once onsite, our staff can pinpoint the issue. Whether it's from the roofing, doors or vents, we will also make recommendations that may be readily implemented.

Mice elimination

Mice elimination in the United Kingdom is among those core services of almost any pest management organisation. And UKPMS Control is dedicated to assisting you to rid your home of mice the moment they get in.
As a pest can pose a serious health hazard in addition to an overall inconvenience, It's essential to deal with it. We plan to solve the issue as rapidly as possible completely.

Rats How To Eliminate

Have I got Rats?

Rats frequently come out at nighttime, so it is unlikely you will see them throughout the day.
They are generally found in concentrated areas, which makes them easy to see.
Movement- Rats are nocturnal, and if they're in elements of your residence, like the walls or under the floorboards, then you might notice them moving around.
Footprints- If you suspect you've rats, then you can try by scatter some talcum powder or flower and checking another day for footprints in the dust.

How can we remove rats?

Our experts will perform a thorough survey to identify the regions that the rats are in your house or company. And at which they may be finding a way in.
Eradication- In which we could pick from a choice of rat eradication methods, from traps to poisons.
Proofing- In which we obstruct some access points with the proper materials to make sure rats cannot re-enter the house.

Wasps Nest Removal


We've got access the latest tech to remove the biggest wasp nests. We supply expert wasp nest removal for colleges and other sensitive places.
We use wasp nest removal compounds that are safe and explicitly made to destroy wasp nests.

Our pest control agents come equipped with the proper gear and personal protective wasp garments; we could, therefore, deal with any wasp nest removal.

A wasp nest may frequently found in attic spaces, sheds or within cavity walls.
Wasp nests are made from chewed rust and wood, this is a paper mache substance that's powerful, lightweight and on account of the organic layout amazingly waterproof.

Pest Control Solution Conclusion

The Best Pest Control Solutions

For successful Pest control solution, CLICK HERE to talk to our Pest management staff. We use only trusted pest control agents trained and educated about Pest control services. So if you've got a wasp nest in your attic or a mouse in the bedroom or even a “rat in the kitchen", please telephone us or use our contact form. We will give you a removal quote or free information on your wasp issue.

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